In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

NSUCH Lac-Me`s C`Est La Vie - Vilde

NUCH Tangse Lady Brilliant - Skrollan

NUCH Lac-Me`s Listen To Your Heartbeat

NORD UCH WW - 2010 Lac-Me`s No Dream Impossible

Lac-Me`s Bohemian Rapsody

Lac-Me`s Strings O`My Heart

Lac-Me`s Party for two

NUSC Shierikos Nina Ricci

01.04.1994 -21.01.2006

NUCH Tigerbay`s Firewalk With Me
02-01-1993 -  christmas  2005

NSUCH Lac-Me`s Here Comes The Sun


NUCH Livias Love Affaire


NS UCH Danilos Hardy Timmy

28.05.1990 - 14.03.2005

NUCH Lac-Me`s Empire Love

01.10.1991 -

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  Merete Baraa
Eva Larsen