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Shi-Bi-Chow Tutti-Frutti - Clara

Lac-Me`s Only Girl - Selma
Co owner Line Louise Haugen Wangsvik

NSUCH Lac-Me`s C`Est La Vie - Vilde

INT NORDUCH Lac-Me`s Hannah Montana - Hannah

INT. NORD UCH Lac-Me`s My Heart Will Go On - Kiwi

INT NORD FIN UCH Lac-Me`s Sugar Caine - Kylie
Owner: Eva Sjøberg

Lac-Me`s Power of Love - Orfy

NSUCH Lac-Me`s A Kind O`Magic - Lilly
Owner: Mona Lundmark

NUCH Lac-Me`s Place In Your Heart - Nelly
Owner: Elin Beate

NUCH DK UCH Lac-Me`s Sweet Home Alebama - Tiff

NJV-11, NUCH Lac-Me`s Love Game - Bibbi
Owner: Åse Hansen

Lac-Me’s Full Moon Night - Goldie
Owner: Astrid Langseth

Lac-Me`s Liberian Girl - Mocca
Owner: Jorid Lossius

INT UCH  UCH Tangse Wild Angel - Senni

NUCH Tangse Lady Brilliant - Skrollan

Ta maria Painted Lady - Minken

NUCH Frejahøydens Moneypenny - Lina

Lac-Me`s For Ever And For Always- Pernille
Owner: Julia Berntzen

Lac-Me`s Whatever You Want - Lussi
Owner: Mona Lundmark

Lac-Me`s All To You - Maybe


For more info click on pictures

For more info click on pictures

For more info click on pictures
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